I had a philosophy professor in college who said their answering machine held the two most important questions we could ask ourselves. “Who are you? and “What do you want?” We don’t always know what those answers are, but we can find them out together. Whether you’ve been in therapy before or this is your first step towards change, I am confident we can create a plan of care for you. Feeling you need to make a change is a difficult step and I’m here to help you in that transition in any way I can. Together we will identify areas in your life that you are unhappy with and how to shift from surviving to thriving, whether that is in school, work, relationships, your company, or within yourself.


There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for what you’re experiencing. My role is to help you recognize and adapt to patterns, behaviors, and emotions that are holding you back from living the life you want to lead. Whether we’re working on: anxiety, depression, adjustment, grief/loss, relationship/intimacy, unresolved trauma, self-esteem, or just feeling lost, the most important thing is that we have a solid working relationship that benefits you. Together we will find the right pathway forward for you. If you’re wondering if therapy is right for you, the answer is almost always YES! It is a gift you give yourself .


Are you looking to increase your productivity and workflow within your company but aren’t sure where to start? Improve leadership and communication skills to build your career or promote a new project? Strategic plan and problem solve in the competitive market to ensure that you are giving your best and receiving the best from your team? Or maybe you’re looking for trainings to set up future successes and team building. Many skills that make you successful at your job can be detrimental in the workplace so instead let’s marry the best of both worlds by creating a healthy and positive environment for you and your employees.


There are plenty of reasons to have a speaker who can tailor a message to your needs. Maybe it’s a guest lecture for a class, a short term course, academic or industry conference, or a keynote that needs a bit of flare to your event. My interdisciplinary background and speaking experience allows me to cover topics across the board in an engaging and enriching experience. We work together to create the outline you’d like to see and watch it come to life in a new and exciting ways through my eyes. Sometimes we need an outside perspective to hear the importance of the topic. My greatest joy is to engage with you and the audience!

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