Fees and Services

Do you accept Insurance

I am in network in NYS through Headway with Aetna, Cigna, BCBS, and Optom. please feel free to email me if you are a member of these insurances and wish to go through them for treatment. I am able to provide more services out of network due to the limitations placed on sessions, diagnosis, and treatment options. I believe you have the right to the best possible care which is often restricted by what would be covered by these programs. Your insurance may have reimbursement rates for services, and I am happy to provide invoices or forms necessary for you to receive this and I am happy to provide ‘superbills’ for Out of Network coverage (OON).

Are you seeing clients in person?

Currently all sessions are virtual, although some practices may involve location based interventions which may be arranged.

How much does therapy cost?

My base rate is $200 per individual session, however, this can be restrictive for some and that is not the goal. I offer a sliding scale for my clients who are unable to pay the base rate, and reserve a portion of my appointments for little or no fee services. During our initial consultation we will discuss what a payment rate for you would look like.

I don’t reside in New York, can we still work together?

There are many options available to you if you’re not a New York State resident. Due to licensing requirements, this may be state dependent for coverage needs, however, I offer services to individuals around the globe and would be happy to discuss what this would entail for you.

What is this free initial consultation?

The initial consultation is our first meeting to see whether we would work well as a team together, think of it as grabbing coffee before deciding whether you want to go for dinner as our relationship, despite it being a working relationship, still needs to be based on mutual trust, compatibility, and respect. Sticking with my dinner metaphor, ideally we’ll also discover if the menu offers what you’ll need to be ful(filled). It is a completely free (unlike dessert), no strings attached, 30 minute session where you and I just talk about the needs and expectations you have for therapy and what I can provide. Click Book Now to arrange for a meeting.

I’m interested in consulting or booking you for a speaking engagement. What do I do next?

I’m so excited to be working with you and your team. Please feel free to send an email outlining what you are looking to focus on and we can tailor a program based on your needs!

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